In March 2007 at the Food Show in Christchurch, Sue & Gus officially launched the brand “Waitaki Bacon & Ham” to the public, and its been non stop ever since! With regular attendance at the Farmers Markets in Dunedin, Christchurch and Queenstown, the supply of their award winning produce now ranges from Auckland to Gore!


High Quality Pork Produce You Can Taste

We are proud that our pigs are pampered and monitored the whole way, including specifically designed nutritional plans through seven stages of their development. 100% locally grown Natural NZ Pork, Non-Gluten, 100% Grain Fed. Working closely with a porcine nutritionist, a special diet was developed which includes seven different grain based feeds. This ensures our animal nutrition continues to be maximised.Every step in the process has been considered right from the nutritional development of the pig to the delivery of the product to the customer.


We do not use growth hormones nor promoters in our produce.

  • Low in food miles

  • Produced according to New Zealand's Animal Code of Welfare 2005

  • Compliant with New Zealand's stringent food safety standards


100% Porkalicious & 100% Gluten Free

Your search for premium quality bacon, ham and pork products stops here at Waitaki Bacon & Ham Ltd - a boutique locally owned and operated pork supplier direct to the customer. And now all of our products are 100% gluten free.


....And Why?

Because from large orders to small, you will get the same top consistent quality that only a genuine passionate professional farmer can offer. The end result is porkalicous!

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